Complex Litigation

Our team’s large experience in judicial disputes allows us to deal with a vast range of matters involving federal, state and municipal taxes. Our lawyers act in trials discussing fiscal issues before the Federal Supreme Court and Superior Court of Justice with a strategic vision of the most important aspects to assist the decision-making process and the prevention of disputes.

In addition, we work jointly with our government relations team to develop a very comprehensive strategy for each single case.  Our intelligence considers four different viewpoints: legal, political, economic and social. Following the line of action, we are able to establish the best approach to safeguard our clients’ interests.

We are determined to understand our clients’ business and offer bespoke legal solutions to support their business strategy.


Our services

  • Representation of clients in proceedings with the higher courts of Brazil
  • Legal advice and preparation of pleadings, motions, briefs and reports in accordance with the agreed strategy
  • Assessment of relevant circumstances involving decisions on each case
  • Legal research to identify applicable court decisions and opinion of jurists
  • Analysis of opinions, expert reports, decisions and other information related to a case
  • Strategic analysis of ongoing disputes, examination of the scenario and the possibility of consensual solutions
  • Gathering of legal opinions, briefs, decisions and other relevant legal documents necessary for the case

Relevant litigation matters

  1. 01. Assistance to the Brazilian Supreme Court in the analysis of the constitutionality of Municipal Laws that restrict the transportation of individual passengers provided by Apps such as Cabify, 99 among others;
  2. 02. Assistance in the discussion regarding the legality of the concept used in the inputs definition for the purposes of tax contribution of PIS (Social Integration Program) and COFINS (Social Security Financing Contribution)
  3. 03. Assistance in the discussion regarding the constitutionality of the possibility to charge credits related to IPI (Tax on Industrialized Products) resulting from the entry of non-taxable inputs coming from Manaus Free-Trade Zone
  4. 04. Assistance in the discussion regarding the constitutionality of States’ possibility to claim ICMS (Sales Tax) in the sale of staple items
  5. 05. Assistance in the discussion about the definition of gross revenue concept applied to verify the limit of electoral donations by companies
  6. 06. Assistance in the litigation involving the Municipal Real State Property Tax of a newly created sector in Brasilia which did not have the correct legal provision of the real estate located in this sector