Advocacy is a process that involves the preparation of a strategy to protect interests within a broad structure, considering legal, political, financial and social aspects of a cause or proposal.

Advocacy comprises the drafting of proposals to improve public policies through the development of ethical government relations. It is a multidisciplinary practice by which the analysis and relationships with a myriad of stakeholders, decision-makers, public officials and privates agents, are relevant.

Advocacy initiatives and the definition of strategic actions are carried out in collaboration with other fields of expertise. Communication channels and collective actions with civil societies play a major role in the search for a unique strategy that will be effective, efficient and deliver high-quality public policies.


Our services

  • Assessment of the impact of court and political decisions within legal, political, financial and social environments
  • Identification and monitoring of pending legislative proposals and other parliamentary initiatives
  • Research and monitoring of executive rules
  • Mapping and monitoring of legal, regulatory and political scenarios
  • Identifying and understanding the profile of legal, political and economic players and other stakeholders who are willing to contribute to the decision-making process, always guided by legal, technical and ethical instruments
  • Analysis of the law and the law-making process for legislative and executive propositions and their unfolding;
  • Critical analysis and advice on the preparation of legislative proposals, offering suggestions to improve legislative measures for public policies and bills of law;
  • Strategic advice considering legal, political, financial and social aspects
  • Interaction with online and printed media to monitor or stimulate debates stemming from court and political decisions
  • Meetings with government officials and direct engagement with public and private players
  • Participation in seminars, events, workshops, meetings with government authorities and other related groups

Relevant advocacy matters

  1. 01. Regulation of the gold trade in mining areas
  2. 02. Amendment to the tax law involving the coffee production chain
  3. 03. Amendment to Law 9,615/1998 (“Lei Pelé) to improve sports management activities, increasing the transparency and participation of athletes and former athletes
  4. 04. Amendment to the Port Regulatory Framework to enable the outflow of grains in port terminals in the north region of Brazil
  5. 05. Monitoring of actions by the Congressional Investigating Committee (CPI) for companies such as Petrobras, Correios and BNDES (The Brazilian Development Bank), among others